Fully accredited Health & Safety consultancy

The Health & Safety Service Limited offer a range of services to assist companies in managing their health and safe systems.
Our professional assistance can help to provide a pro-active response from employees and our jargon free structured advice can help guide our clients toward their health and safety objectives.

Risk Assessement

A risk assessment is a careful examination of what workplace activities could cause harm to people, so that an evaluation can be made as to whether or not sufficient precautions have been taken to prevent harm.

We can assist by liaising with Managers and staff to find out exactly what happens and then assisting with the writing of risk assessments to ensure they are practical, relate to the particular activity and people concerned and can be managed by the company.

Site Survey

A health and safety survey will identify weaknesses in procedures and practices, identify the specific legislation that applies and inform the client of what is needed to remedy the situation in a cost effective, practicable manner. (See also Member Services).


A health and safety audit can help ensure compliance with current legislation. It is normally a critical, in depth examination of an organisations health and safety management system. An audit may cover the whole system or just particular areas such as risk assessment procedures.

Policy Document

If you have five or more employees you are required to have a written health and safety policy statement.

The health and safety policy is the starting point to managing health and safety and sets out how you manage health and safety in your organisation. It is a unique document that shows who does what; and when and how they do it. (See also Member Services).

Method Statements

A Method Statement details how a particular process will be carried out. As with the Policy Document this is of vital importance when managing operations.

We can provide practical assistance in compiling a useful jargon free document that will provide a working procedure as well as helping demonstrate legal compliance to main contractors.

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