Business are under pressure to tackle their use of packaging, especially plastics.  Whether you have decided to remove all plastics, reduce or use recycled plastics are your swaps really sustainable, e.g. paper instead of plastic.

However plastic can have a lower carbon footprint than aluminium but the latter is often easier to recycle.  Cardboard seems good until you begin to look at its water footprint.

Some studies have shown that single use packaging has a lower environmental impact then reusable packaging.  When comparing single-use with reusable options for your packaging focus on the studies that detail the life cycle assessments in full.

It is still early days on using reusable packaging so don’t worry about setting a target, if some of your products allow for reuse or refill then you could run a trial with one or two of your customers to see how it goes but if this isn’t feasible then focus on reducing the amount of single-use packaging you have ensuring its easily recyclable.