Local authorities have extra tools to use when they enforce coronavirus regulations therefore you could receive a hefty fixed penalty notice if you overstep the line.

1. Coronavirus Improvement Notice (CIN)

If you get one of these you’ll be given a period of time to comply with the regulations and failure to do so by the end date on the form could lead to a fixed penalty of £2,000 and potentially more serious action being taken. 

2. Coronavirus Restriction Notice (CRN)

You might receive this notice, restricting your activities for seven days, if the local authority isn’t happy that you have complied with a CIN.  Failing to comply with a CRN leads to a penalty of £4,000. 

3. Coronavirus Immediate Restriction Notice (CIRN)

This can be issued where enforcement officers regard matters as more urgent and it requires the business to close for a 48-hour period initially.    Where necessary, at the end of the 48 hours, the business can be issued with a CRN to close it for a further seven-day period. Failure to comply with a CIRN will result in a penalty of £4,000.