For two weeks starting from 17th May 2019, no coal was used to generate electricity across the whole of the UK. The longest Britain has been ‘coal free’ for over 20 years.

During the two week period gas accounted for nearly 40% of electricity generation, nuclear 20%, wind 13% and other sources making up the remainder.

Fintan Slye, director of the National Grid Electricity System Operator said “As more and more renewables come onto the system, we’re seeing things progress at an astonishing rate. 2018 was our greenest year to date, and so far, 2019 looks like it has the potential to beat it.”

Mr Slye also confirmed that on the 14th of May 2019, a record quarter of Britain’s energy  was generated from solar power.

The government continue to phase out coal fired power plants by 2025 in order to reduce carbon emissions.